Poke-mon Gameboy Cartridge Wall Hangers

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All colors are subject to slight color differences than those pictured - I try my hardest to make the colors as close to original as possible but material availability and changes in the filament coloring/suppliers may change.  

PLEASE NOTE:  SOME UPDATES - there will be a mid production change called V4 which will remove copywritten logos from “NenTinDoE and GaymeBoY”

PLEASE NOTE: DESIGN UPDATE- V3 update: the hole on the back changes slightly and the cut out on the bottom is filled, this greatly reduces post production cleanup, I will try to make sure that you get all V2 or V3 until V2 is exhausted- However you MIGHT get a mix of the two versions. 

Everything else will remain the same unless noted otherwise.


🔴🔴🔴PRINT TO ORDER PLEASE ALLOW TIME FOR PRODUCTION, CAN TAKE 3-4 weeks for delivery, each cartridge takes 22 hours of continuous print time plus clean up and labeling 🔴🔴🔴