About Us

 Business mission: 

NTE Adventures (Not the End Adventures) was formed in an effort to help raise funds and awareness to support suicide prevention. Suicide is, in my opinion overlooked more than it should be, so this is how I do my part to help change that. We work directly to benefit Shelby's Way and Patriot Therapy. ALL NTE Adventures Merchandise is sold to benefit the previously mentioned organizations. Around $4 from every NTE patch is donated to those organizations. That is what is left after manufacturing, design work, packaging and shipping costs. NTE Adventures also sells some patches and stickers that aren't really kid friendly and are clearly marked as so.




My name is Jordan Brooks, I am a husband and father of 4 awesome little boys (Jaxen 7yr old, Oliver 5yr old, Ashton 2yr old and Everett 1yr old).   I am an avid Overlander and Off-road enthusiast. My love for Overlanding runs deep, I have been on Staff with Overland Bound as their Midwest Ambassador and also Moderator on the forums for a long time and truly love the community.  

My reasoning for being such a supporter of Suicide Prevention is due to family and friends lost to suicide.  I would never wish that upon anyone or their families. It really saddens me to think that people can get to the point of feeling so much pain, hurt or sadness that they feel ending their life is the only escape. 


If you or anyone you know is considering suicide, please get them or yourself help. 


National Suicide Prevention Hotline 

Phone number: Call 1-800-273-8255