Baby Sanders

Baby Sanders

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This cute lil guy looks kind of like he’s not having the greatest of time..



• Printed in PLA filament 

• approximately 5 inches tall

• Paintable!  

All 3D printed products come in grey, if you want a custom color FB message or email me for availability - color is subject to change without warning, it will be an easily paintable color (White, grey, etc...) 


THESE ARE OFTEN PRINTED TO ORDER, so please allow adequate  time for creation and delivery!  It could take 1-2 weeks for the item to ship depending on print time and waiting list. 


THIS SALE IS FOR A PRINTED FIGURE - NO STL’s (or print files of any type) will be sold, distributed or shared. Period.

Artist - HEX3D on Facebook, join his FB group, then pay for the monthly Patreon subscription to gain access to his files/designs.